urban action
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פעולה עירונית כקוד פתוח




Awareness can Make the Change

Informal actions driven by the perception of personal responsibility, and direct intervention by users and passersby in the public space.

שיטות פעולה א-פורמליות המונעות מתפיסת אחריות אישית ומיישמות התערבות ישירה של משתמשים ועוברי האורח במרחב הציבורי.

StreetWise + StreetVoice = StreetVis

Urban Design + Urban Action = Social Hacktivism

עיצוב עירוני + פעולה עירונית (אמנות + אקטיביזם) = האקטיביזם חברתי.

המרחב הציבורי + פוטנציאל ההתנגדות = עצמה אזרחית.


Dr. Zivia Kay

Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, The Technion

Zivia is a Senior Lecturer at Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design and a Visitor Assistant Prof. at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion. Her work revolves around Visual Ethics with a special focus on Visual Hacktivism and Concept Based Design. Her own studio kUAH specializes in Hacktive appearance and innovative civic strategies. Kay is a Polonsky Library fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem institute

Prof. Shamay Assif

Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, The Technion

Prof. of Urban planning, The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning

Head, The Philip & Ethel Klutznick Center of Urban and Regional Studies

Head, The SPaDe- the Spatial Planning and Design Laboratory

Head, The Hadarion

Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, The Technion City, Haifa 32000, Israel

Architect and Town Planner, Gutman Assif Architects Inc., Tel Aviv Yafo

Daphna Ziv (MBA)

The Hadarion, CEO

The Hadarion is a living laboratory for community-based knowledge and urban planning. part of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion in Hadar, Haifa.


Throughout her career Daphna managed various NGOs, all reflecting the social coexistence of the city of Haifa. Daphna holds an M.A. in Geography and an M.BA. in NGO management, both from Haifa University. 


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