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Andrea Paz

Director, Teacher of Theatre and Street arts

My name is Andrea Paz. I was born in Santiago de Chile on December 9, 1983. I am an actress, street art director and theater teacher. I lived in the south of the world until at the age of 24 I moved to Europe, first to Italy and then to Spain. and in Barcelona I have found a place to put down roots. I trained as an actress at ARCIS, the University of Arts and Social Sciences of Chile. I studied short film at the Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti in Milan, and also a Master in Street Arts at the University of Lleida. In 2016, Maria Capell and I founded  Silere Arts, a company dedicated to street arts, and in 2017 I founded the Harinera collective, acommunity theater project focused on urban conflicts. With both groups I have developed in recent years a good number of participatory projects in which the separation between the public and the artists disappears until creating, between all, a festive and community space.

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