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​Valeria Geselev


We do hug the Mona Lisa: an experiment in urban renewal. ​What would a city that embraces art feel like, and how could artists shape social relations within an urban setting? Curator Valeria Geselev introduces two recent public art exhibitions that took place on billboards in Haifa: Celebrating, and One Hundred Sunrises a Day. The two serve as a site-specific exploration of global ideas and movements such as decolonisation, inclusion and diversity in the Israeli urban context. 

Valeria Geselev is Haifa-based curator. Graduate of University of Cape Town, she operates in the fields of public art, community development and art education. Via the Yalla Shoola!* agency, founded in 2014, she is facilitating social construction initiatives by means of interventions, workshops, space activation, exhibitions and publishing. The agency is an autonomous player which operates in constant collaboration with likeminded individuals and institutions, who come together to be DOING THINGS WITH ART. 

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